What is Citygate Kids?

At Citygate Church, our mission is to create a place where people can touch God, encounter Jesus Christ, and be radically changed and empowered by the Holy Spirit. Every week in Citygate Kids we strive to bring that mission to life, by creating environments where kid’s imaginations can be strengthened, their dreams are brought to life, and they are wow’ed by the power and truth that is God’s word. The Bible is the most exciting book anyone can ever read and experience and we are here to show the next generation the power and identity they have in Jesus Christ.

First Time? Here’s what to expect:

First WELCOME!! We are so thrilled that you chose Citygate Kids! If this is your first time checking your kids into Citygate Church, you will be asked to fill out an FTA form (First Time Attendee). If you prefer to get that out of the way now click HERE (or click the link below to register your kids before you come on to the property.

Afterward, the Check-In process lasts a few seconds per kid. (We have a cool gift for your kids!)

We will escort you to the room your kids will be in and walk with you to the Main Auditorium.


8 Kid Gates:

Our win is to make sure your kid(s) leave us exhibiting one of our 8 gates.

  • We Keep Jesus First: It is all about Jesus! If we are doing this for Him and His Glory nothing else matters.
  • We Love Everyone: The Bible says God is love, we love everyone God loves and He loves EVERYONE.
  • We Are Who God Made Us To Be: God created us all with different gifts.
  • We Make Things Cool and Fun: God is not boring; He is creative and fun!
  • We DO Things The Right Way: God deserves our best!
  • We Love To Help: God wants us to help others in need and go above and beyond.
  • We Worship: God is quite simply the BEST, we love to tell Him all the great things He does and how great He is!
  • We Get Stronger: God wants us to be the best we can be.


How Can I identify a Team Member?

Every Kids Dream Team member has a Light Blue Citygate Kids Shirt and a Lanyard.


What if you need me during the experience?

Every tag has a 3 digit code on it, we will post that code on our small screens, if you do not see that then, we will text you, if that does not work then we will call you.


My Kid has allergies, will they be safe?

YES! YES! YES! We take allergies VERY seriously in Citygate Kids! We thoroughly check all food products before we purchase them to make sure they are good for kids. Absolutely no peanut or tree nut products are allowed in kids. When you register your kid there is an area to list any allergies. please be as thorough as possible with that.



We are passionate about releasing kids into their own giftings and calls. The only way to do this is to let them PRACTICE!! We have a kid run service the 3rd week of every month for any kid that is interested.