The objective of EquipU is to provide comprehensive knowledge and practical skills to current team members and Citygate students in the field of worship ministry. Our aim is to develop a solid foundation that enables individuals to effectively grow in their gifts and calling. This personalized class focuses on areas such as singing, leadership, and team support, providing personal improvement and growth opportunities.


To get equipped, simply fill out the form and let us know which areas you would like training or focus on as an individual.

"In House Reach"

Phase I aims to equip our current team with the necessary skills and knowledge to become future leaders, with a strong emphasis on mentoring the youth within Citygate Students. Additionally, this program aims to engage individuals within our church who have not yet actively participated in worship but may have a desire or calling, providing them with the necessary training to fully integrate into the church community and play an active role in its mission and vision. Through training, mentorship, and support, our objective is to empower team members to become effective leaders, fostering a welcoming environment where everyone feels valued, inspired, and equipped to contribute their unique gifts and talents to the growth and transformation of our Citygate family.

"Local Reach"

Phase II focuses on equipping local worship pastors and their teams, tailoring our training to their specific needs and visions to elevate their ministries. The program begins with a concise 15-minute training session, providing a foundational understanding of key principles and practices. Subsequently, we delve into the unique requirements and aspirations of each worship team, offering targeted guidance and resources to address individual challenges and goals. By providing specialized support and personalized training, our objective is to empower local worship pastors and their teams to enhance the quality of their worship services, deepen their spiritual impact, and effectively engage their congregations. Ultimately, our customized approach aims to equip leaders with the tools and inspiration they need to fulfill their vision, creating transformative worship experiences within their local church.

"National Reach"

Phase III is dedicated to hosting impactful conferences aimed at equipping ministries across America. These gatherings feature renowned national worship Pastor’s and influential worship pastors who possess a deep passion for the local church. By bringing together these voices, our objective is to create a transformative experience for conference attendees, providing invaluable insights, practical tools, and inspiration to elevate their ministries to new levels of excellence and impact. Through dynamic keynote sessions, interactive workshops, and networking opportunities, National Reach fosters a collaborative and empowering environment where ministry leaders can connect, learn from one another, and cultivate lasting relationships. Our ultimate goal is to equip ministries across the nation, empowering them to effectively serve their communities, ignite spiritual growth, and create worship experiences that truly resonate with people’s hearts to bring presence, not performance.